Private Equity Services

Our team of experts helps private equity firms manage complex issues that may arise from selling a portfolio company, dealing with a post-acquisition dispute, or managing financial reporting, accounting, or Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (“ABAC”) risks within their portfolio. We assist private equity firms with risk mitigation reviews of accounting policies and practices, writing purchase and sale agreement language that mitigates the risk of post-transaction disputes, and assembling critical accounting records prior to sales transactions to defend any post-transaction issues that may occur.

We have deep expertise with financial reporting, internal controls, and other accounting and transaction needs that may arise at current portfolio companies. We also offer ABAC due diligence services, including target company ABAC compliance review, and post-close compliance program enhancement, integration, and monitoring.

Post-Acquisition Disputes

We serve as consultants and experts in post-acquisition financial reporting matters, including assisting with the selection of a neutral arbiter, consulting and opining on complex accounting and financial reporting matters, drafting arbitration submissions, and presenting at hearings. In addition, we prepare damage claims when breaches of representation and warranties arise in post-acquisition disputes.

Neutral Arbiter Services

Parties involved in post-acquisition disagreements often require arbiters to assist with dispute resolution. Our team serves as neutral arbiters, relying on our expertise and objectivity to provide independent determinations. Our experts are recognized as industry leaders in this area and have significant experience establishing the protocols for submissions, presentations, and follow-on submittals; and delivering the neutral arbiter’s opinion on complex accounting and financial reporting matters.