Floyd Advisory is a consulting firm providing financial and accounting expertise in business strategy, valuation, SEC reporting, and transaction analysis. Our mission is clear: to be the market leader in service that is defined by integrity, quality, objectivity, responsiveness, and professionalism. Our commitment to this mission defines all that we do and, over time, reflects exactly how the market defines us.





Our clients’ interests are always put first. We serve our clients with our best efforts consistently. We communicate to our clients with maximum clarity and maximum completeness.


We are committed to recruiting talent possessing a high level of curiosity, a belief that success comes from collaboration, dedication to continuous self-improvement, and an ability to execute on ideas not just talk about them.


We work diligently to be counted among the esteemed thought leaders in our professionWe will publish articles, serve on panels and produce timely and relevant research on the issues affecting our clients.


Our passion to serve and enthusiasm for our engagements will be defining traits for our people and our brand. Our responsiveness will be unmatched.


We actively participate in our communities. Giving is the key driver in our approach to problem solving in our communities and in the service we provide our clients.

Our clients

Our clients include law firms, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, SEC registrants, private and closely held companies, CEOs, CFOs, Boards of Directors, Not-for-profit organizations, among others. Our clients are diverse, spanning across a wide range of industries.

Our expertise


    • Communicating accounting and financial reporting matters in plain English
    • Providing solutions to business questions and dilemmas
    • Unraveling and explaining transactions in civil litigation and white collar criminal defense cases
    • Investigating alleged frauds
    • Performing financial analyses
    • Advising on proper accounting treatments for complex transactions
    • Serving as arbitrators
    • Providing expert testimony